^ That's me. I'm an Cultural Heritage Masters student currently studying in London.

This blog is called 'a British Accent' because I'm British. And all the other good names were taken. It's intended as my personal blog which I started mainly to give myself a place to collect and think about bits and pieces and as a way to get my toes wet in the blogging world. I felt left out.

I'm hoping, as a bonus, it will be a handy 'skill' to add to the CV. Can never have too many of those.

Obviously being a heritage student I'm quite fond of museums and such. I did my BA in History at Durham, specialising in social and medical history (topics including the Black Death and human dissection). I'm now on a heritage course with ambitions to work in the heritage sector. Jobs are nice. Please can I have one?

For those wondering what an MA in Cultural Heritage study actually entails, my current course titles are:
  • Museums and Cultural Heritage Studies
  • Museum and Site Interpretation
  • Managing Museums
  • Antiquities and the Law
I also get to take part in a fantastic exhibition project as part of Stories of the World and a work placement. Oh, and a dissertation. Minor, very daunting detail.

Other things you will see a lot of here are photography and horses! I take a ton of pictures. Of anything. I'm that person who has to carry the huge camera around whenever they go sight-seeing, stops at inappropriate times to change lenses, insists on asking security guards if they can take photos and insists everyone be in at least one picture, even if it is against their will or without their knowledge. Yeah, that person.

I've been riding since I was little, although never owned my own, and currently work Saturdays at a local riding school and get to ride there. I wouldn't be too surprised if horses creep in here occasionally.

I am of that generation who must irritatingly impose their internet presence via all the fashionable social networking sites (we annoy me, on occasion) so you'll also find me on twitter and flickr through various links around the place.

Thanks for reading this - I hope you find the blog occasionally worth reading too!