I've never actually taken a photography class or course or pursued it professionally. I just got into it a few years ago and decided to buy myself an SLR in 2007. But I like to think occasionally I turn out good images.

I use a Canon EOS 400d for most of my photos. My lenses right now consist of:

  • 17-55mm zoom kit lens (I never use this)
  • 50mm f1.8 fun little cheap lens
  • 55-250mm IS zoom (I use this one the most)

My boyfriend, lucky sod, also has a Canon EOS 30d and a 100-400mm L lens. So I'm going to try and borrow those. A lot.

I'm jealous.

I also use my teeny tiny little Canon Ixus 100 IS for snapshots and film clips, and usually any time I want a wide angle and have the zoom on my SLR. It's a brilliant tiny thing to always have in my bag or even in my pocket, and produces good quality stills and videos. It's what I use when I don't have the 'real camera' on me.

When I do manage to take a decent photograph, I edit it using Lightroom, obsess over whether it's any good, and sometimes end up posting it on Flickr.

Sometimes they're not any good. That's ok. I like taking them anyway.