26 July 2011

Break from Blogging

I have decided it's probably best I take a little break from this blog!

At the moment I use plenty of other social networks which cover what I want to post. Particularly now Google+ has come along! I know. Deserting one Google platform for another. The irony.

Mostly, I don't have the time at the moment to feel like there's this extra task I need to be doing on a regular basis. Any time I do have should really be devoted to doing my dissertation...

Yes. Dissertation. I am currently researching human remains in medical museum collections and their identification to the visitor. It's less creepy and more fun than I sounds, I swear.

(Alright. It's not less creepy. But hey, I did my undergraduate dissertation on human dissection so what do you expect?)

I started this blog as a fun kind of experiment and a way to get to know blogger and how it works and I think that's gone quite well. It certainly gave me a good starting point from which to run social media for the Geffrye Museum, and I'm sure in the future I'll come back to blogging, perhaps with a more specialised subject to follow - personal blogs without a defined subject area, as the received wisdom says - simply don't work as well. I knew that when I started.

So, thanks to anyone who read any of my posts - I'll be back to Blogger soon, I'm sure!

18 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #20-25

The last 6 photos from my last 6 days!


This is atmosphere! (officially, always with a lower case 'a')

In addition to the Chronophage, I've been doing some work in this gallery, specifically on the 'CIPs' (central information points).

Here are some bonus photos of the specific CIPs I've been evaluating:

They are about argo floats and radiosondes and puddingstone and forminifera and other things with names that are fun to say.


The ships gallery. With a mezzanine level designed to look like the upper deck of a cruise ship.
Quite creepy after 6pm when all the visitors have left!


The ships gallery has some gorgeous models. This is one of my favourites - the Blair Athole. The real thing was almost 260ft long.


Replica Geissler Tube, 'a glass tube for demonstrating the principles of electrical glow discharge'.

Yes. I had to look that up.


Artwork in the Energy gallery.

Of course I touched it.


Lights off. Home time!

12 June 2011


I owe 3 Science Museum photos! And I will owe one more tomorrow. I now don't finish my placement until the 15th/16th, owing to the fact data collection took a lot longer than we were hoping. Darn visitors not doing what I wanted to interview them about. In the end we resorted recruiting some people for interviews, but you can't rely on that.

Photos will come. Swearz. My camera died on me and I didn't remember to charge it until today because I'm forgetful like that.

Anyhoo, for now, enjoy some pictures of me and Mikey!

My work placement, and working weekends, has kept me away from the yard for aaaages. Way too long. The one day I managed to get up there in the last few weeks (until this weekend) I arrived to fins Mikey had thrown a shoe!

But I forgive him. Because he gives kisses.

And it's cute.

But you have to be careful, because sometimes...

...you do end up with a faceful of pony-stubble.

Which is unpleasant.

But most of the time it's just cute.

And now Mikey has all 4 shoesies on so as soon as I finish my work placement he is back in regular work. AND we got our jumping paddock back last week and spent yesterday setting up a huge course of jumps.

Mikey's really excited for that.

(photos by Tim Wright)

7 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #19

From the 'Who Am I?' gallery - a display on how genetics make you who you are.

6 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #18

Yesterday's photo!

Look at all those people. Looking at the lovely clock.

And not at the video.

Why don't they watch the video? 

Is it to make me cry?

I could not have more appreciation for that café stand being there. The guys who run it take pity on me standing around waiting to interview them on something they don't tend to do. Yesterday I got given 2 free bottles of juice about to go out of date. Score.