18 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #20-25

The last 6 photos from my last 6 days!


This is atmosphere! (officially, always with a lower case 'a')

In addition to the Chronophage, I've been doing some work in this gallery, specifically on the 'CIPs' (central information points).

Here are some bonus photos of the specific CIPs I've been evaluating:

They are about argo floats and radiosondes and puddingstone and forminifera and other things with names that are fun to say.


The ships gallery. With a mezzanine level designed to look like the upper deck of a cruise ship.
Quite creepy after 6pm when all the visitors have left!


The ships gallery has some gorgeous models. This is one of my favourites - the Blair Athole. The real thing was almost 260ft long.


Replica Geissler Tube, 'a glass tube for demonstrating the principles of electrical glow discharge'.

Yes. I had to look that up.


Artwork in the Energy gallery.

Of course I touched it.


Lights off. Home time!

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