12 June 2011


I owe 3 Science Museum photos! And I will owe one more tomorrow. I now don't finish my placement until the 15th/16th, owing to the fact data collection took a lot longer than we were hoping. Darn visitors not doing what I wanted to interview them about. In the end we resorted recruiting some people for interviews, but you can't rely on that.

Photos will come. Swearz. My camera died on me and I didn't remember to charge it until today because I'm forgetful like that.

Anyhoo, for now, enjoy some pictures of me and Mikey!

My work placement, and working weekends, has kept me away from the yard for aaaages. Way too long. The one day I managed to get up there in the last few weeks (until this weekend) I arrived to fins Mikey had thrown a shoe!

But I forgive him. Because he gives kisses.

And it's cute.

But you have to be careful, because sometimes...

...you do end up with a faceful of pony-stubble.

Which is unpleasant.

But most of the time it's just cute.

And now Mikey has all 4 shoesies on so as soon as I finish my work placement he is back in regular work. AND we got our jumping paddock back last week and spent yesterday setting up a huge course of jumps.

Mikey's really excited for that.

(photos by Tim Wright)

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