4 November 2010

A Nifty Little Trick

Here's a fun photography-related tip to kick off my blogging adventures! I just learnt this trick today from Pocket-Lint, which I was browsing after deciding to research the benefits of Picasa over Flickr (there were none, at least for me).

It actually wasn't all that long ago that I found out about the 200 photograph 'limit' imposed on Flickr's free accounts. It's not technically a limit, as you can carry on uploading, but you'll only be able to access your last 200 uploads in your photostream, but still a bit of a disappointment, particularly as Flickr don't really make it clear in their help files.

So the solution, it seems, if you don't want to shell out for a pro account (I may in the future, but I am a poor student for now!) is to create your own personal group. Set it to invitation only, with yourself as the sole member, and add all the images from your photostream. You can even set it to private, although this is not much use if you want the public to view your photographs.

With your images added to this private group, when you hit the 200 image limit, your older images will stay visible in the group (groups have no visible image limit) and you'll have access to them without having to pay a penny!

Not ideal, but a good solution in the mean time and I'm glad I learnt it.

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