19 January 2011

False Promises

Whatever happened to the fact arts students are supposed to have no hours, no work and tons of free time?

I had lectures and seminars from 11am until 5pm today, which, I know, isn't even a full working day (I'm not going for 'poor me' here) but then there is the hour and a half commute on either side alongside the fact I am an arts student. Boyfriend is a lawyer and spend less time in college than I do.

Not to mention none of this time includes the weekly field trip, presentation, facebook contributions (extensive notes + photographs), multiple readings and research we are supposed to do every week. At some point I will list here all the different projects I'm working on right now.

On Friday I have to be in meetings in uni from 10am until 6pm. That's not including travelling time.

Stereotypes are false promises.

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