22 February 2011

There is. No. Fog.

I get more annoyed about certain little things than I probably should do. It's a fault. It's only for a second, but really irritates me when:
  • People who have let not only one car headlight but also the sidelight bulb burn out and so look like a motorbike until the very last second.
  • People chew with their mouths open. The sound makes me gag.
  • People who smoke with their kids in the car. Seriously?
  • People drive pristinely clean 4WDs that have clearly never been off-road.
  • Horse riders who don't say thank you to patient vehicles when riding on the road. They make drivers less considerate for the rest of us.
  • People drive with their foglights on all the time. Have they forgotten where the button is or do they mistakenly think it looks cool? And why don't police pull people over for it more often?
Driving can be a very irritating experience for me.

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