18 May 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #3

This is a really awesome little project tucked away in a corner of the Science Museum. It's just one case, one object, but it brings that object out of storage and into the public eye where it has never been seen before! Awesome to start with, but then 5 different museums each take the object and write their own label for it, which I think is a fascinating insight into the ways different institutions' interpretation policies can really effect the museum, right down to the simplest things. It also highlights the huge range of information that can be connected to one small object, and the importance of making the right choices from it for your museum.

Knowing that information is the domain of the curator. Knowing which information to choose and how to present it is what interpretation is all about. (Can I haz job in it now plzkthx?)

Personally I think it should be in a slightly more prominent place in the museum, and not tucked away (if you visit, see if you can find it!) but I don't suppose most Science Museum visitors find it as interesting as me.

Here's a closer look if you want to actually read some of the labels - they should be easily readable if you click on this photo to enlarge it:

And here is the object itself:

I almost forgot my challenge today - oopsie! Staying up late after working just to post this. I won't forget tomorrow - I have a good one planned!

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