22 May 2011

Thanking God I don't have exams to worry about too

No Science Museum over the weekend!

I have to say I am completely exhausted at the end of this week. I didn't get the last two photo challenge posts out on time because Thursday night was a bit hell-like as I got home at 7pm from a full day's work and then had to go straight to finishing of an evaluation report of our Geffrye Museum exhibition project. I ended up getting around 3hours sleep Thursday night (I just couldn't let the damn thing go - I think I deleted and re-did the illustrations 5 times) and was then up at 6.30am to get back to work, and then had to travel to UCL afterwards to hand it in.

Friday night, I pretty much got home and collapsed, and then had to be up early to work at the riding school all day Saturday.

Bad week was bad.

But anyway, that report was my LAST PIECE OF MODULE COURSEWORK. This is big. This means the only work I now need to complete that will be marked and affect my MA degree result is my dissertation, for which I have until the middle of September. This is the first time in what feels like forever I don't have a deadline coming up in the very near future and don't have an essay or something I really should be working on right now.

This is a very good thing, because working full time with a 3 hour round commute does not lend itself to productive evening working. Not. At. All.

More significantly, this is the first time in months that there is not something to do for our exhibition project at the Geffrye Museum!

Yes, that's right, the exhibition is up and running and open in its entireity: feely box, family trail, web interactives, slideshow, display cases and all. The social media initiative is finished, which means no more blogging, but that's still up there to see, with a load of behind-the-scenes pictures on Flickr.

Most importantly, the project has now appeared on the Geffrye Museum's official website, where you can also find the Interactive Map and Digital Story of Tea (!) made by me and my team mate, Hannah. You can also get a peek at some of the display.

We have a private viewing evening to go to this week. Pretty much the UCL team signing off! It feels slightly strange as, although it was hard work (mainly what kept me away from blogging for a while), I have really enjoyed working on the project and it's given me great insight into digital/online museum interpretation, which I will definitely want to investigate further no matter what I end up doing.

Bye bye Geffrye! I'll miss you!

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