24 December 2010

One Christmas down...

...still one to go.

We had our family 'fake' Christmas on Monday before I ran off to Memphis. Nothing like Christmas dinner the way you're used to it, of course. And it's only with your own parents that you can make such particular demands as which kind (or kinds, in my case) of stuffing there's going to be.

Fake Christmas Dinner

As much as I was sad to wave goodbye to the 100% chance of a white Christmas at home, I have to say I've kind of had enough of snow by now. For this year, anyway. I'm not sure if that means I'm old now, or just that I spend too much time having to break ice and defrost pipes for the ponies.

Ricki desperately wants to be an indoor pony right now.

Domino does not approve of the snow either.

Snow Cat

Although he appreciates that it's good for his image.

We did, however, get out to Memphis without a hitch! Which is something of a miracle, if you ask me. Boyfriend's sister, who flew the day before us, had a 30 hour journey punctuated with a sleep on the floor of Minneapolis airport. You have no idea how grateful I am that Heathrow appeared to have its act together by Tuesday, or that we hadn't booked for the earlier flight that got cancelled. Luck was on our side!

Enjoy the new background - Merry Christmas!

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