10 January 2011

Every 43 Seconds

I have a thing about anatomy and skeletons and the like. I wouldn't term myself a scientist, if only because of the art/humanities direction my education took after age 16, but it's still a personal interest. Above all, I love images of anatomy. I think they are beautiful and fascinating and...I don't know. I like looking at them. Is that weird?

My cultural heritage studies lecturer can't stand what she terms 'the inside outside'. I felt more than apologetic explaining to her that the focus of my MA dissertation this year will be on the display of human remains in heritage contexts.* Personally I love the 'inside outside'. I think my interest in anatomy comes from loving to look a the way things are made, how they're constructed down to the little details, and what makes them work. I had this book when I was younger, showing hugely detailed cutaway diagrams of animal anatomy I could look at for hours...**

Anyway, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to find these, but they turned up on Fubiz today and I think they're gorgeous. In my slightly weird, apparently slightly macabre sense of aesthetics.

Every 43 seconds is a campaign highlighting death from gun violence. One example of the aesthetics of human anatomy being used to convey a powerful message.

I learnt via Street Anatomy (well, via Google really, but Google led to the discovery of the awesomeness that is Street Anatomy - it's going in the sidebar) that, although Fubiz only credits Jung von Matt for the creation of the project, the photography is the work of Francois Robert, who is definitely worth a look. They come from his 'Stop the Violence' gallery, which takes the message of 'every 43 seconds' even wider.

The internets: a never-ending maze of links to awesome.

* Can we just take a moment to pause and reflect on that terrifying prospect. DISSERTATION. I have to write one. Another one. I still have flashbacks.

** I did in once work as a gallery assistant for a display of some of the artist's work, but for the life of me his name has slipped my mind right now.


  1. Should you ever visit Philadelphia, a trip to the Mutter Museum is a must.

  2. I'll bear that in mind! There are a few I'd love to visit, perhaps starting with the Thackray.