30 December 2010


Look what was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon!

This is technically a birthday present, since I used my birthday money to order it back in November. The idea being, of course, that I would have it to take with me on the plane to the US. But with snow and everything, that didn't happen.

It was a nice present for when I got home instead! I'd already downloaded a bunch of free books, including Blood, Sweat and Tea and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, so they appeared as soon as I turned it on. And it is pretty. So pretty. And tiny - my case for it won't arrive until even later, so I was pleased to fine it does fit in a fluffy sock for the time being. Very useful for commuting, and for trips, and for the next time I am on a plane. And there are birdies on it at the moment - bonus.

We made it back without incident, though, despite check-in staff in Memphis not knowing what they are doing (not that I blame them, given that the system seems completely nonsensical).

There is the worst bit of bluescreening going on in Eastenders right now. Or something equally as fake looking. I can't look away. I don't even watch Eastenders, but it's like a train crash.

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