5 May 2011

...is that Maps are Pretty

As I've said before, I think maps are awesome. It's the same thing as anatomical diagrams - I love to see schematics and things laid out in detail. I don't know how to explain it, but I think that visual representations of how things work, or how they're laid out, are gorgeous.

Anyways, for our exhibition project, we got to design an interactive world map.  Well, we decided we'd like to design an interactive world map - the free rein to be creative we've had on this project has been great. I thought I'd treat you to some previews of our first designs/colour schemes. The final version goes live on the museum's website this week - bit scary!

They're made using this website's wonderful outlines, this texture (which we may need to seek commercial use for if the designs are approved) and a wallpaper from the Geffrye's collection. The final version looks different to either of these two.

Maps. So pretty.

ETA: The finished map went live on the Geffrye website today - check it out!

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