7 May 2011

What Katie Ate

Have you seen this blog? Katie Quinn Davies' food photography is just about the most delicious thing I've ever seen.

I mean. Look at this. Look. At. It.

That is art right there.

I'm pretty sure this pasta dish has a ton of mushrooms in it. I hate mushrooms. Can't stand the things.

This picture makes me want to eat them.
Lots of them



Everything. Everything is beautiful.

(Incidentally, my team mate for the Geffrye project makes the best brownies. Perk.)

I've always been jealous of people who can photograph food. It's hard, and you can't rely on luck to get a good shot, either. Anything I try does tend to come out looking distinctly unappetising, however tasty it might be in real life. Good food photography takes skill, and Katie has it, I tells ya.


One of the liveries at the stables just handed me 2 dozen eggs from his own chickens. Off to find recipes which use lots and lots of them. The pepper/chorizo 'carbonara' experiment did not go as well as I'd hoped.

(all images by Katie Quinn Davies)

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