14 May 2011

Some Low-Quality Photos from the Yard Today

Any excuse to blog, huh? I'm trying to get myself in the habit of blogging what's actually happening right now, rather than just saying 'oh, I'll blog that some day' and then forgetting about it. That's my excuse anyway.

So, firstly, Mikey says 'Hi!'

He also hopes you will notice how brave he was to stand there so close to the deadly white plastic chairs as they were stacked and unstacked.
Mikey has a phobia of white plastic chairs. Really bad. But only when they're picked up off the ground and moved around. Chairs on the ground, fine. Not bothered. It's the flying plastic chairs that will eat you.
We discovered this when someone picked up a chair in front of him just after I'd mounted on the yard and he proceeded to freak out and bronk me all over the place while I frantically tried to steer him away from children and small ponies.

But he does have a nice tail, so we forgive. 
And spend more holding up white plastic chairs with apples on them than a really sane person would. But horse people are rarely sane people.

This is Ricki with his owner, and also Ricki's new flymask, which makes him look like a robot.

This is our new horse, Buddy, being 're-introduced' to Ricki with said flymask after Bud mistook the poor pony for a horse-eating robot and started a horsey campaign of terror against him.

And this is Pelé.

He is a cockapoo that has just been bought by the family of one of our clients/yard kids. He is 8 1/2 weeks old and not allowed to touch the ground until his vaccinations are done. This means he needs snuggling.

And we need to snuggle him. Just because.

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