15 May 2011

I have a problem

Ok, so I very recently discovered the Chrome Web Store. Behind the times, I know. Terrible. But my only experience with browser extensions before has been finding items necessary for my sanity, like Adblock, and experimenting with various social network 'helpers' that turn out to be insanely annoying.

Turns out Chrome has this extension lark sorted. Big improvement on the last time I went playing with browser enhancement.

After I installed a nice little selection of 'practical' extensions, namely the gmail, googlecalendar, BBCRadio, bit.ly, share to Twitter, share to Tumblr, Blogger dynamic view and resize window varieties (why did no one tell me about that last one when I was designing interactives?), I turned to the apps section of the web store.

There, I discovered Springpad.

Have you seen Springpad? It's basically a web based facility of digital notebooks, which lets you set up different 'notebooks' (folders) of bookmarks, clippings, tasks and little notes and view them in awesome ways. It's like an organisation nerd's dream. So it's like my dream.

Here's how my Springpad looks now: 

A little empty right now, but how pretty! How organised! I can have all my notes and things to remember and to-dos in one place. Its existence makes me smile.

Look at that browser. All minimalist and organised with all the right bookmarks and useful extensions. The world is good.

I know. I have a problem. This became perfectly clear when I playing with a kid and his lego on Tuesday and I realised that not every 7 year old organised their lego pieces into different boxes and compartments according to colour and shape.

Yeah. I know.

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