5 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #17

I'm working both days this weekend (just like last weekend - I'm having mondays & thursdays off instead), so here's today's Science Museum picture!

This is part of an amazing art installation which goes all the way up the back wall of the Science Museum's Wellcome Wing (at the back), as seen from the Atmosphere gallery on level 2.

Those little bars of light 'carry' messages from visitors throughout the frame, and there are various 'rules' for how they travel - they bounce off each other, junctions switch direction etc - but each time one meets a screen, it displays its message as it scrolls across. And it remembers which way up the messages are travelling at all times, so sometimes they'll scroll across upside down or down to up or up to down and all sorts. Great fun to watch.

Bit too much fun, actually.

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