4 June 2011

Science Museum Photo Challenge #9-16

I have been remiss. I am a terrible person.

To make it up to you. Here are 8 photos from the Science Museum ALL AT ONCE to make up for the last 8 days I have worked there and not posted anything.


In the energy hall - they actually had this running the other day. Steam everywhere.


The materials house!

Here's a close up:

(that's an extra!)


The upside down plan just outside my office door.




No. Wait.

Huygens Titan Lander parachute. 


'Nother plane, yes. I have to walk past all the planes a lot. I've been trying to get a good picture of the 'slice' through a jumbo jet they have in there, but it's not happening.


This is what the main entrance looks like right now. I've seen the plans for the redevelopment and it looks swanky, but man the roadworks are a pain.


My view from one of the galleries I am doing evaluation work in. I like to spy on people downstairs.


Lovely people playing lovely games in the Who Am I? gallery. My personal favourite exhibition. Definitely recommend it, and especially for kids (I'm just a big kid).

Forgive me now?

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